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The best workout leggings, according to fitness professionals

Plenty of factors can make or break your workout. Perhaps it’s too hot or too cold outside, or maybe you didn’t drink enough water, or forgot your headphones.

But one of the worst things to happen during a cycling class or strength training class? Uncomfortable workout leggings. Too many pairs that we’ve tried ended up soaked in sweat, sliding down, or simply weren’t working.

The ideal leggings must meet certain requirements. They have to stay up, not slide down or slip around during a workout. They must offer just the right amount of support and compression, and the fabric should be sweat-friendly and fast-drying. Most of all, they should be stylish, and make you feel confident when you’re working out.

In an effort to find the best workout leggings once and for all, we went to the pros — a variety of fitness instructors, coaches, and yoga teachers — to get their opinions. Here’s what they said.

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