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Our mission is to provide a complete health and fitness experience, encompassing wellness and injury prevention through fitness, sports, and health care; focusing on community needs, serving elite athletes to those seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Our sprawling layout makes it one of the largest exercise facilities in the area. The 58,000 sq. ft. fitness area is equipped with state-of-the-art Cybex Resistance and Star Trac Cardiovascular machines along with the largest selection of Free Weights in Vero Beach and along the Treasure Coast. Vero Fitness has the feel of a resort with 2 Pools, Hot Tub, Saunas, Tennis Courts, Indoor Racquetball Courts and an abundance of sun loungers. A varied Group Fitness Class Program featuring over 100 classes per week, including Virtual Classes! Our facility also includes separate Spin/Cycling and Boxing Studios, complimenting an extremely well qualified and diverse Personal Training Team.

“If you’re looking to make friends or embark on an intense fitness journey, this exercise facility believes in making fitness fun. We look forward to seeing you at Vero Beach’s most complete health and fitness club where there is something for everybody.” — Katie Smith (General Manager)

Call us or drop by Vero Fitness today to learn more about membership or to join us! You won’t regret it!

What We Offer

Friendly Atmosphere

Vero Fitness is a very friendly place. Staff, Members, and Guests are all wonderful people we are happy to have at our club!

Expert Trainers

Our Certified Personal Trainers know what to do, when to do it, and with who to do it with. Schedule a session with one of them today.

Great Value

Your membership at Vero Fitness is an investment in you: your present and your future. Take advantage of all the great fitness opportunities we offer.

Huge, Modern Facilities

Our facilities have been steadily growing for over 30 years, and get better and better all the time!

Trusted Brands

We have state-of-the-art Cybex Resistance and Star Trac Cardiovascular machines along with the Largest Selection of Free Weights in Vero Beach and along the Treasure Coast.

Our Services

Personal Trainer Eliott Verneuil


Everything you could want in a fitness club & more!

We have long term & short term memberships. Day Passes and Student Memberships available!


Check out all that we have to offer and try us out today!

Our History

“In 1992, when telling friends and family about my intentions to buy a converted house and swimming pool in a Vero Beach wilderness known as the Jungle Club, my sanity was called into question. Over 30 years later, the evolution astounds even me. We even changed our name since our founding! I am so proud Vero Fitness is recognized as the number one health club on the Treasure Coast and that it has become a focal point of the Vero Beach Community.” – John Cairns (Owner)

Katie Smith, General Manager and her father, John Cairns Vero Fitness’s Founder & Owner. We’re a true family run operation! 

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