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Our trainers are some of the fittest people you will meet in Vero. They know the techniques, structure, science, and research behind their craft. Click below to schedule a session or learn more about them!

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“I’ve never gone to the gym consistently but since I’ve started training with Leigh Ann, I look forward to going to the gym every week! Not only has she consistently helped me meet my goals in the gym, she also always looks out for my overall health outside of the gym too by giving me eating tips, sleep tips, and checking on my mental health. It’s been 2 and a half months and she has helped me meet all the goals I have set for myself and helps me set new goals. She always encouraging me, pushing me, and never gives up on me. Leigh Ann looks out for her clients and genuinely wants them to succeed at everything they put their mind to!”

"During my first session with Freddy the format was described to me clearly so that both parties are looking for the same result. There was 100% attention on the client while instructing. Freddy watches his clients to get the maximum results in each exercise. He is very detailed with each movement of the client. Freddy is very educated with training!" 

"I've been going to Kaylan for 2 years now. Never had much of a weight problem but didn't feel particularly fit. Since starting with Kaylan, I now feel much stronger, more balanced and certainly look better and have more tone. More importantly, I physically feel better, have more energy and my aches and pains have gone away. I now look forward to our sessions. I strongly recommend Kaylan for training. She will motivate you to get fit!"