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Personal Training & Sports Performance

We take training very seriously!


Our trainers are some of the fittest people you will meet in Vero. They know the techniques, structure, science, and research behind their craft. Click below to schedule a session or learn more about them! 

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, gain muscles, or just feel healthy and fit again we have the trainer for you!

Start your journey with a Personal Trainer TODAY!

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8 sessions for ONLY $440

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"Working with Leigh Ann has given me the strength to pick up and hold my grand babies as they grow. I couldn't be more grateful for her help with this priceless gift that I have given myself." ~Dee Hatmaker

"I have been with Vero Fitness now for 3 years. I started immediately doing Spin & it was great. About a year ago, Danielle started teaching & my love for spin doubled. She has created such a fun environment to be in. Aside from her BOMB playlist & choreography. She brings a personal feeling to the class. Also, who doesn’t love soaking wet clothes after a workout! I love the class & I adore Danielle!


I also did some personal training with her. She had a different workout planned for each session, taught me a lot about the different machines & the gym in general. I’m usually a “group class”kind of gym person. Now I am very comfortable floating around using almost everything ! Thank you Danielle!"


~Cali Tindall

"I've been going to Kaylan for 2 years now. Never had much of a weight problem but didn't feel particularly fit. Since starting with Kaylan, I now feel much stronger, more balanced and certainly look better and have more tone. More importantly, I physically feel better, have more energy and my aches and pains have gone away. I now look forward to our sessions. I strongly recommend Kaylan for training. She will motivate you to get fit!"

~Satisfied Client

"As a senior woman I am delighted to have Barbara as my Personal Trainer. I am 69 years old. Barbara's training approach takes into account my goal of increased strength with care being taken to avoid injury. She records my progress, which really encourages me. I have just renewed my training sessions and I want to continue with Barbara."

~Melissa Slaton

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