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Powerlifting Gym

Training in the right environment is important to your success! Whether your focus is strength, explosive power, or building muscle mass, our Powerlifting Gym is for you! 

Our brand new Powerlifting Gym houses eight squat racks, seven deadlifting platforms, and four benches, including a competition rated combo rack. If you want to warm up or cool down, venture upstairs to the cardio and stretching area. 

You don't have to be a fitness guru or powerlifter to use the Powerlifting Gym. We're now offering Power GRIT. It's Vero GRIT with a powerlifting twist! This powerlifting focused workout will prepare you for all those lifts you can try in the new Powerlifting Gym!

Thursdays at 5:30am-6:15am in the Powerlifting Gym with Amy.

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