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Red light wellness
therapy bed

Red Light therapy is a simple, non-invasive treatment that works by stimulating the mitochondria in our cells to produce more energy. When our cells have more energy to function, we look, feel, and perform our best!

Red and near-infared enters the cell’s mitochondria and is absorbed by the protein, CCO, cytochrome c oxidase, which increases its activity and produces ATP.

Treatments are less than 15 minutes and once complete you should feel relaxed, euphoric, and renewed. Adding Red Light Wellness to your routine can amplify the result and heal your body faster.

Benefits of red light therapy include:

muscle recovery

brain & mental health

pain & inflammation relief

injuries, scars, & burns

memory & learning

sleep optimization

skin health & rejuvenation

training & performance

sports injuries

hair growth

fat loss


Cristine V.

After I started using the red light therapy bed, I noticed that the wrinkles on my face are softer and my skin is smoother. 

I had foot surgery recently and I can see the wound is healing well. I definitely recommend using the Red Light Therapy!

IMG_0121 copy 2.jpg

Melissa C.

I've noticed hair & nail growth, skin regeneration, calming, and an overall good feeling since starting red light therapy..


Melissa B.

Love the RL therapy for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. The aches in the bottom of my feet GONE! I increased use when I felt inflammation getting the best of my joints to every other day and this usually does the job better than NSAIDs.

My skin looks amazing for days after each session. Love the therapy and would recommend to anyone looking for alternative treatments.

Sunset Portrait

Betsy S.

My skin seems a lot tighter & firmer.

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