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Vacation and Fitness: How to maintain your fitness goals on vacation!

Making and maintaining healthy habits can be extremely difficult. Most of us tend to give fitness an all or nothing approach, giving up when we “slip up.” Especially, during summer or over the holidays when vacations are common. Being out of our normal routine, can make healthy choices even harder.

Here are some tips to keep up with your healthy habits while on vacation or during holidays:

· Bring healthy, filling snacks with you to curb your appetite and keep you from overeating all the yummy food.

· If you can, walk instead of drive or try to get your steps in another way that fits your plans.

· Pack some workout clothes and do some bodyweight exercises in your hotel room or use their fitness center.

· Take a break from your eating and workout routine, enjoy your vacation, and when you get home get back into the swing of things!

Fitness does not need to be an all or nothing approach. We slip up, we need breaks, we are human. It’s getting back into our healthy routine that will determine how quickly we see results. It took you this long to get to where you are a couple days or a week, won’t set you back to the starting point.

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