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Drinking Tea Tied to Better Heart Health

Drinking tea may be good for your heart, researchers report.

Chinese scientists analyzed data from a continuing health study conducted in 15 provinces since 1998. The data included a wide range of health and behavioral information on 100,109 adults, including self-reports of tea consumption.

Over an average follow-up of seven years, there were 3,683 heart attacks, strokes or other cardiovascular events; 1,477 deaths from cardiovascular disease; and 5,479 deaths from other causes.

Compared with people who drank fewer than three cups of tea a week, those who drank more had a 20 percent reduced risk for a cardiovascular incident, a 22 percent reduced risk for cardiovascular death and a 15 percent reduced risk for all-cause premature death.

The study, in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, controlled for many health and behavioral characteristics, including education, smoking, alcohol consumption, blood pressure and body mass index.

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