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COVID-19 Update

Recently we reached out to you all stating that as of 07/07/20, wearing a mask would be required to workout in the WELLNESS CENTER only. With many questions as to what is considered the Wellness Center, we wanted to help clarify and answer this question for you.

The Wellness Center is the small gym, located in the rear of the facility where there is no music playing. This is the same area where the Physical Therapy office is located. Here you will see some cardio equipment, white machines with tan seats, and free weights along the wall. This is the only room where a mask is required.

The rest of the facility, including the main free weight area, resistance section with gray machines and blue seats, cardio deck, pool deck, racquetball courts, tennis courts and classrooms will not require a mask.

Additionally, the Vero Grit Studio, located behind the Front Desk, is available to book for private use. This studio is equipped with all the equipment needed for almost every workout. There is a sign-up sheet located on the door. Please feel free to initial which times you would like reserve to the room adding up to no more than 1 hour at a time.

We want to make sure every member is as comfortable as they can be during these difficult times.

We ask that you all follow and respect these guidelines as it is necessary to keep all members happy and safe. If you are not wearing a mask in the Wellness Center, you will be asked to put a mask on or leave the area. Please remember, you are welcome to grab your own personal spray bottle and towel at the front desk to use during your workout.

As always, feel free to call us or see our front desk staff with any questions.

Wellness Center & Vero Grit Studio Below

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