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7 Fitness and Wellness Myths the Real Pros Have Seen on Social Media

Because “fitfluencers” aren’t always posting legit health and wellness tips.

Social media platforms make it super easy to disseminate information and tips, especially when it comes to fitness, nutrition, and wellness. But not all of these photos and videos are actually helpful, research-driven, or professionally informed. Just because a “fitfluencer” has a ton of followers and even more likes doesn’t mean their advice is credible or will work for others.

Due to influencers’ popularity and level of engagement, though, it can be tough to identify what’s legit and what’s bogus, what’s worth pursuing and what’s potentially detrimental to your wellness journey. To help us navigate all the “fitspiration,” we turned to local, certified fitness and wellness pros to uncover the biggest misconceptions perpetuated on Instagram and other social media platforms. That way, you can better determine how to actually maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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