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Tips and Tricks to Make Fitness Easier

Vero Fitness’ Personal Training Director Danielle Kireyczyk was the keynote speaker at Treasure Coast Social Tea Club’s luncheon this last week. Danielle offered some free tips and tricks to do at home to make walking into the gym a little bit easier. She shared tips for regular gym goers to up their workout routine too!

For the new gym goer:

- Starting an exercise routine? Figure out what works for you! Morning or night? Put it in your calendar and stick to it!

- Set out your workout clothes the night day/night before!

- Set ONE small, specific goal! Like working out 3x a week, hitting 10,000 steps a day, or drinking 64oz!

- Get used to drinking water, hydration is essential!

- Switch it up if you’re bored! Walk a different route, take a new class, try something new.

- Make sure your tennis shoes are good!

- Eat enough food!

- Treat yourself! When you reach your goal, give yourself a reward!

- Download an app or get a notebook to track your progress!

For the experienced gym goer:

- Switch up your routine!

- Add weight and decrease reps or vice versa!

- Try a class! Stick with the class for at least 3 before you decide if you want to keep it in your routine.

- Progress is not tied just to the scale! Take pictures, think of how you feel and how your clothes fit!

- Get a workout buddy!

- Try Personal Training!

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