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Local, Family Owned and Operated Fitness Facility Hits a Milestone

The owners of Vero Fitness are reaching a major milestone this March. John and Marlene Cairns have owned and operated the facility for 30 years! With their daughter, Katie Smith, as the General Manager, Vero Fitness defines a family owned and operated business.

“When I purchased the property in 1990, I decided to keep the original name until three years ago. Along with the more accurate name of Vero Fitness, we made many updates over the years. I have always been involved in the operation of the club, but I would be lost without my daughter and the wonderful staff at Vero Fitness! The members and staff allow me to not work at Vero Fitness, but rather have fun and enjoy each and every day,” says owner, John Cairns.

Vero Fitness is the largest health and fitness facility in the area and has become a focal point in the community. To celebrate 30 years, Vero Fitness is hosting an Open House, from Friday, March 4 to Sunday, March 6, you can come try Vero Fitness for FREE!

Did you know the main gym used to be the basketball courts? Check out the pictures and see how much Vero Fitness has changed!

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