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Journey to Self Love

Hi Everyone! It’s Ashlee from Vero Fitness here again. This month, since it’s the month with Valentine’s Day, I want to talk about love, specifically self love!

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Fall in love with the path of deep healing. Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself but with patience, with compassion and respect to your own journey.” - S. Mcnutt

A big factor in self love is self care and setting some time throughout your day to focus on yourself. Here are a few things we can all incorporate into our daily routine. It doesn’t have to take hours, just a few minutes a day!

Mediation is a daily practice, but the benefits are incredible. According to Healthline, meditation is scientifically proven to:

  • Reduce stress

  • Control anxiety

  • Promotes emotional health

  • Enhances self-awareness

  • Lengthens attention span

  • May reduce age-related memory loss

  • Can generate kindness

  • May help fight addictions

  • Improves sleep

  • Helps control pain

  • Can decrease blood pressure

Download a mediation app to your phone, like Headspace, Calm, or Simple Habit, to help you get started. Set aside five to ten minutes a day to practice mindfulness. Most apps have a notification you can schedule as a reminder or put it in your calendar!

Journaling is another form of mindfulness with tons of benefits. According to Positive Psychology, journaling or expressive writing can:

  • Boost your mood

  • Enhance your sense of well-being

  • Reduce symptoms of depression before an important event

  • Reduce intrusion and avoidance symptoms

  • Improve your working memory

There are a few journaling apps, like Reflectly, Diaro, Daylio, or Day One. You could also go old school with pen and paper. If you want more of a guided journaling experience, you can purchase journals with prompts from the book aisle at Target or Amazon.

I wouldn't be doing this right if I didn’t bring up moving your body. You don’t have to make every workout a killer workout. One or two days a week, consider taking a long walk outside or spending ten minutes practicing yoga or doing gentle stretches. These practices can add a little mindfulness to your exercise routine.

These are just a few self care ideas to help you on your journey to self-love. Let us know in the comments what other self care habits you enjoy!

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