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Fitness trackers to consider before buying a smartwatch

Fitness bands are still around, and one of these might be the best tracker for you.

The smartwatch hasn’t swallowed up the fitness tracker yet. While many are intrigued by the powers of the Apple Watch, Wear OS devices, and the like, old-school fitness trackers still have their uses—and they’re usually much easier on your wallet, too. The goal of the humble fitness band remains the same as it was when these devices were new: track daily activity in all its forms, from daily steps to intense workouts, from heart rate dips and spikes to the calm waves of sleep. Most of today’s fitness trackers haven’t changed much aesthetically, either. They’re still, by and large, wristbands.

With so many devices sharing the same basic goals and set of features, it can be hard to deduce which tracker is right for you. But from our testing, there are some fitness trackers that stand out among the rest—some for their thoughtful applications, others for their versatility, and some for their focused approach to fitness training. We’ve looked back at the fitness trackers we’ve reviewed and selected the best devices that are most likely to help you get and stay in shape.

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