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Could This Much-Maligned Way of Traveling Actually Be Good for Your Health?

It’s no secret: cruises aren’t favored by everyone. Cramped living situations, not-so-modest costs, schedules for shore excursions, boredom, and kitschy to the max–there are downsides.

For some, though, cruises are a preferred escape, and now for good reason.

Travel Pulse recently examined cruise company Seabourn’s claim that a trip on the high seas makes for a great way to rejuvenate as the boat itself moves at a relaxing pace so guests have a chance to drink up sights and sounds without worrying about keeping an eye on the car in front of them. Cruises also make for a great way to see the world at a leisurely pace, and while at sea, people are more likely to disconnect from their electronic devices and clear their minds.

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