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A 5-day workout plan to pulverize Thanksgiving pounds

Do you gobble until you wobble? Thanksgiving is one of the most anticipated eating days of the year. And with the holiday a few short days away, it’s time to start counting not only your blessings, but your calories and workout time, too.

The average American will mindlessly munch on about 5,000 calories on Thanksgiving Day alone. That colossal number doesn’t account for the Tupperwares full of leftovers that get devoured in the days following the big feast. Between all the salt, sugar, and sofa-sitting of the long weekend, it’s no surprise that we feel more bloated than a Macy’s Day Parade float come Monday.

To properly prepare and protect your body from the imminent overeating, you’ll need to add a cardio casserole to the menu. By layering in a week’s worth of workouts, rather than a single sweat session, you can burn more calories, give your metabolism an extra boost, and even suppress your need to feed.

Bonus: Consistent, intense exercise routines help hunger cravings decline because of the impact of hormones affecting hunger.

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