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Suzy Osgood

I was at a plateau in my exercise routine and trying to decide n the next step when I observed Danielle training another member at Vero Fitness. I'm so thankful I reached out and scheduled some Personal Training sessions with her. Her training sessions are always creative and challenging! I've lost fat, gained muscle, and am comfortably wearing a size smaller pants!


I highly recommend Danielle to anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level!

J. Mullis

I have trained with Kayla multiple times. She goes above and beyond for her clients, making sure they stay motivated to accomplish whatever goals they have set.


She is very personable, professional, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable in her profession. I cannot recommend Kayla enough.

D. J. 

I'm a 70 year old man with bad knees, hips, ankles, and irreparable rotator cuff tear. Kaylan helped me recover from all of it to the point where I actually feel like myself for the 1st time in years.


Kaylan is both thorough and resourceful and I highly recommend her as a Personal Trainer.


I couldn't have done it without Leigh Ann! She has pushed me further than I could have gone on my own!  She always listened to my needs, made adjustments to my program to avoid plateaus and taught me so much about health in general!

Leigh Ann is the best!

Daniel K.

I have been working out with Luke for over a year now; and I can honestly say he will get you the results you are after. When we first started; I couldn't even lift the bar for inclined chest presses; now I can lift over 160lbs. During my sessions he constantly stays focused on me and my formations making sure that I am hitting the correct areas we are working on. He has shown me new ways to hit those targets to the point where he has gotten me lifting weight I have only seen bodybuilders lifting. 

Not only that, if my form is failing, he will change the workout routine to get the targeted areas without causing any further pain if any at all. He is consistent and does not waste time in the gym. 

Maureen C.

In January of 2019, I was diagnosed with osteopenia of the lumbar spine and osteoporosis of the left hip. I was advised to begin taking medication for this condition. Instead I began working with Barbara on a weight program mostly using free weights. She devised a program of exercises that I did three days a week working on a different area on each of the three days. I also made sure I took enough vitamin supplements especially calcium and I played pickleball a few days a week.

In January of 2021, I had another bone density scan. The results showed that my lumbar spine improved by 6.4% and my left hip improved 4.8%. These results showed my hip improving from osteoporosis to osteopenia. Now my doctor advise continuing with my program. 

I am very grateful to Barbara for designing a program specific to my needs and for the results I got.

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